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Factory Worker Awarded Payments for Life

On Behalf of Armbruster Dripps Blotevogel LLC |

When a company denied that its factory worker had an accident while at work, ADWB partner, took the company to trial and represented the worker through the company’s appeals to the Appellate Court. After the Appellate Court ordered the company to pay the employee’s medical bills associated with his neck surgery and ordered the company to pay workers’ compensation for the client’s time missed from work, the company still refused to compensate its injured employee. took the company back to court and this time the company was ordered to pay medical bills in the amount of $77,473.80 plus an additional $10,468.30 for time the client missed from work, $1,470.00 for vocational rehabilitation costs and $58,669.15 in penalties for the company’s actions, for a total of $148,081.25. The company was also ordered to pay the client $445.01 a week for the rest of his life.

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