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Dog Bite Victim Will Get Her Day in Court

On Behalf of Armbruster Dripps Blotevogel LLC |

ADWB attorneys Michael Blotevogel and Charles Armbruster recently defeated an attempt by an apartment complex to escape responsibility for severe injuries sustained by one of its tenants when another tenant’s pit bull mauled her in the common area of the complex. Butler Hill Apartments filed a motion for summary judgment arguing it could not be liable for the injuries based on Missouri cases saying Missouri “rejects landlord liability.” Blotevogel and Armbruster explained that the cases relied on by Butler Hill were distinguishable from the facts of their case. Blotevogel also noted one of the owners of the complex admitted the complex “harbored” the dogs, and that St. Louis County had an ordinance under which the apartment complex could be liable. Because of ADWB’s efforts, their client still has an opportunity to recover money for her injuries from a party that can provide her the compensation she deserves.

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