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A Car Accident Can Lead to PTSD

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Over the last few decades, the amount of medical information about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has increased dramatically. PTSD is recognized as a very real medical condition that manifests after someone is exposed to excessive trauma or a sudden and shocking event. This can cause them to have mental and emotional issues that may last for the rest of their life.

When people first began to recognize that PTSD was such a serious issue, they were often discussing the effects that it had on soldiers who went to war. In the first world war, for instance, they just called this shell shock. We’ve come to know that it is PTSD now, and many veterans suffer from it.

But you don’t have to be a military veteran to have PTSD. It can happen to anyone, and it certainly could be the result of something like a serious car accident.

What happens if you do have PTSD?

The symptoms of PTSD are a bit different for everyone, and it really depends on the specifics of the situation. But it’s important to know that this can be a life-changing condition that may require extensive treatment and could alter the way that you live forever.

For example, some people who suffer from PTSD after a car accident discover that they are now terrified to ever ride in a motor vehicle. They may not be able to drive again. They may find themselves avoiding the place where the accident happened. You can imagine how detrimental this would be to your chosen lifestyle, and it can also impact your finances if you can no longer go to work.

In a lot of cases, people struggle with disruptive thoughts, flashbacks or nightmares. You may technically survive the car accident and even recover from your physical injuries in the years to come. But that doesn’t mean that you’ve truly left the accident behind. It can still frame the way that you see the world and affect your mental and emotional health long after your physical healing is over.

Seeking proper compensation

PTSD is just one condition that you may have after a severe car accident, and it underscores why it’s so important to know how to seek proper financial compensation.

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